Scale on base(adhesion) layers


Hi, it would be perfect to add feature:

Scale( by % ) on base layers, custom defined in resin profile.

Reason is to reduce elefant feet on prints directly printed on buildplate.

I use this feature in UNIZ slicer and it is great, I can print model/die models directly on buildplate, dies without supports and it works excelent.


I think scale by % is a bit dangerous.

However the latest upload (today) has an XY offset that you can define for the bottom layers.
This will offset the layer so you can overcure without generating huge layers.

Let me know if that works for you.



Thank you, you are awesome.

I have found the feature, will test now. Thank you once again.


So you are saying with UNIZ that you shrink the bottom layers by some percentage to compensate for the curing spread caused by the excess exposure time?

Seems like you have to mess around with trial and error to find the right value if you need your model to be dimensionally accurate. Is it consistent for any geometry with the same resin?


No, It was my mistake. It is shrink.