Single and x10 step shortcuts for Print Jobs


I have an object that seems to have a blank spot at like slice 308. I would love to be able to step through slices 300-350 one at a time, or ten at a time. I cannot do this.

I can, however, step through the “object height” slices one at a time. However, I cannot get within 10 of the slice.

Plus and minus to step through slices, please, ctrl-+ and ctrl-- for 10x, maybe shift-ctrl-+ for 100x?



Hi Seth,

I don’t fully understand; doesn’t the trackbar work in slice steps or 1 layer?

Further more you could import the print job file and view the slice on top of the model if you like?
Below image shows the setup for viewing the pixels exactly how they were sliced:


Interesting. You’re right - if I hover over the trackbar and increment with the mouse wheel I get one click. That wasn’t clear, however, and should perhaps be better documented.

The single pixel thing is cool. I hadn’t noticed that before. If I’m understanding what I’m looking at, it also shows you the difference between the model and the bleed/size corrections which is cool. Didn’t realize I had that much stretching going on!

Nonetheless, this allowed me to determine that the problem isn’t a corrupted model or a corrupted print file, it’s due to there being more adhesion to the FEP than the build plate and shows me I should probably build some reliefs in there to keep it from pulling apart. Frickin’ taffy puller engineering…

Thanks, Elco. You know, this feature might warrant a Youtube video. Just sayin’…


yeah i should make some new video’s…