Small feature setting request possibly


Wonder if we could get some small feature settings such as for like screw holes to make them slightly largerwhile being sliced due to light bleed. Not sure if its possible or not butwould be really neat to see it. Or maybe a xy light bleed adjustment. Also is there a way to slightly over cure the supports where they attach to the model? also Thank you for all yall are doing on this slicer. It is nice to see it is being actively developed and that yall actually care what your customers have to say.



So there’s in the print profile settings the XY correction. (screen below) But this is for the entire layer…
But then again; if your holes are having the problem; the outside contours of the part do as well i think.

overcure supports: that’s hard.
I can imagine 2 ways of doing it:

  1. make the entire model more gray and make the support tips more white. You would need to increase entire exposure.
  2. exposing a second layer. (this would require an extra image to be exported).
    I think the first option would work with much more. Good idea! i’ll put it on our todolist.



Thanks for the reply, ill give that xy correction a try, Thanks!