Start Program after slicing - Much too restrictive!


There are major issues with the “Start Program After Slicing” function

  1. There is no choice given as to which argument position the slice file placed in.
  2. There is no substituting facility (eg, #filename# or #filedir#

Currently, if I wanted to use Liberating Mars because I refuse to use Shitubox, I would have to write a wrapper batch file. This is one step too many.


Yep i’ll add some placeholders and add it in the next release V1038.



Thanks Elco. I did get around it by writing a batch file that called the external program with the arguments in the correct order, and calling the batch file from Formware instead, but it is a bit of a kludge


yes of course… shouldn’t be a big thing to add some macro’s there.

I hope to finish the V1038 in the next few days and will include this.


I’ve coded it.

help description:

This allows you to start a 3rd party program after slicing. You can define a filepath of the executable to start. If only a filename is given it will default to the installation directory.

By default the first argument passed will be the path to the slice result unless #slicepath# macro is defined as extra argument. There are currently 2 macro’s that can be used in the field for extra arguments:

  • #slicepath# will enter the full path to the slice directory or file.
  • #jobfoldername# will enter the filename or directory name of the slice output only.

Is that enough or should there be other variables? machine name maybe?


With the stupidity pulled by Chitu with their latest encrypted version of the .ctb, a lot of people are probably going to want to use Liberating Mars, as I do.

It’s a CLI tool, and the command to invoke is

LiberatingMarsCLI <Path to Chitubox> <Path to v3 .ctb>

A mixture of freetext and macros would be best.

Currently I call a one line batch file containing the following:

“C:\LiberatingMars\LiberatingMarsCLI.exe” “C:\Program Files\ChiTuBox64 1.9.0\CHITUBOX.exe” “%~1”




This is a major problem. We need to be able to specify an absolute path, and Formware not append this to the Resources path.



A complete (absolute) path is possible.
The order of looking is as follows:

  1. absolute entire path
  2. if not found, then is looks in the .exe directory from where formware is running
  3. if not fuond, then it looks in /resources/…

kind regards


So the reason you see that path; it’s because it’s the last option it looked for… perhaps I should change the message and included all 3 search locations. :slight_smile:


The absolute path exists. Possibly a permissions problem, I will check when I’m at home again