Store last folder


It might be very helpful if I could define a specific folder for my parts. Formware choses everytime the desktop after it’s new opend. If it would remember the last folder it would be also okay.

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+1 …

Would be very helpful to define a specific slicing folder for each individual printer profile.
Then it would be very nice if Formware would “remember” the last used folder for import files and saves.

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thx. I will check these again; it used to do that for the part folders; remember. There’s even a key for it in the settings file… not sure why that doesn’t work at the moment.

Per printer profile… Yeah could be good. I can see some scenario’s where this makes sense.
A bit in doubt as to when it becomes a settings overload :slight_smile:



Hi Elco,

Don’t worry about. There are will be never a overload in setting. Have a look at all those MS Office and even CAD Software. There are hundrets of possible settings.

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Me once again. There’s not only the last folder wich is missed. The output file name is always the date an time of storing the file. It would be also nice if Formware Slicer takes the original file name so that it hasn’t not to be corrected everytime.

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