Support for Phrozen Sonic Mini?


Will there be support for the new Phrozen Sonic Mini? Or can I modify an existing profile to work with the Mini?



Hi Robert,

I will contact phrozen for this.



Hi Elco, any news on support for this printer? The printer currently only reads PHZ files.



You can just change the extension to .phz in the output settings.
.phz is just a .zip file.

Info from Phrozen:
if extend filename is “.phz” ==> our machine will be import the run.gcode file and usage it to default resin profile
if extend filename is “.zip” ==> our machine will ignore the run.gcode file . it’s usage our machine build-in resin profile

kind regards


Are you realy sure this works Chitu PHZ is around 5 MB and Formware 206 KB and the printer always says unknown file format ??!! Even a with PZ slicer sliced PHZ doesnt work unknown file format


No this doesn’t work… Sorry seems to be an old topic.
The phrozen sonic mini is a machine that still uses the chitu board implementation. The format has not been implemented as it was closed source and is currently not priority as all other machines (and probably future) machines will use phrozen’s own hardware.