Support for VLARE Open Slicer Format files


There is indeed a problem with the OSF format.

@formware, Elco, I’ve been invited to the VLare dev discord channel, I’ll pass on the details.

@Jimmygunz you can still use Formware to support and slice the supported STL in the VLare slicer. A PITA, but it works until such time as VLare sort out the issue.

BTW, OSF files generated by the VLare slicer work, so I don’t know what they’re doing differently


Hi James,

Thanks for the kind feedback.

Yeah to be honest we don’t know enough as a company of all different PCB boards in the market. So I can’t really help you further there.

When I find the time next days i’ll have a look again at the OSF format to see if i find some kind of difference in it compared to what i.e. vlare slicer is outputting. I have to do the flashforge svgx format as well… so might as well squeeze this in again.

kind regards


Hi Elco @formware

Just a quick query as to where we are with this? The VLare slicer a cumbersome beast to use, and I hate having two workflows.


Hi Frank,

I’ve emailed vlare my concerns about their file format structure and questions about how the board reads/interprets the file so I can output it correctly… but i’ve never heard back… I’ll ask them again.
Unless I know how the board reads the file it’s guessing… i wouldn’t build my production on these vlare boards if I was to pick a production machine.

kind regards


I just got 2 ‘does’ not exist replies on vlare’s email addresses… are they still active?


Their support address also bounced for me. Looks like they’re dead.