Variable Z height


Formlab can slice with different layer height,is it planned to support this feature for DLP and Gcode slice?


To be honest we actually had it in there for a while (2years) that you could set various segments of layer thicknesses.
But we discussed it here and figured it would be way better to ‘auto-detect’ those segments.
Question is only how to find a smart trick to play this…

So yes; it’s already in there in code. :slight_smile:
Just not working the way we want.

2 doubts i have

1.thicker layers means you have to expose longer; does this really yield faster print times?
2.if you want thicker layers to speed up your supports at the lower end; why did you make them that long in the first place? Then probably your entire part should be the same layer thickness?


For my need (Moai SLA),exposure is set by laser speed (depend of profile).Sometime parts are more defined in some area and not at another.I just would have multiple layer (with associated profile) as simplify3D do (multi porcess


Let’s assume just 2 layer thicknesses. 30um at 7s and 50um at 8s. We have a model that is 30mm tall. With variable height say we can slice 15mm at 50um.

15mm @ 30um = 3500s
15mm @ 50um = 2400s
total time with variable height 5900s

30mm @ 30um = 7000s

there are certainly situations where it would take the same (if not longer) but I would say on average you should be able to shave quite some print time.

This is a good video about the concept. The algo is very simple and open source


That would be a great feature to have in Formware. :+1:


yes it’s on the list.

however; a big remark i have with this kind of functions is that it only works with simple geometrical shapes.

For a big part of our market; filligrain jewelery and dental there is so much curvature all over the models that it doesn’t help…


My scenario would have been if my print is elevated off the bed, I would print the supports at a larger slice, then switch over to the thinner slice when I get to the actual object. It would shave some time off the print, which always helps. :wink:

So I would be happy where the thicker slices were the first ‘n’ layers, then switch to the desired slice thickness.


understood. I’ll see what is possible upcoming weeks.


Following. Dental models consist of base with supports (simple geometry) and teeth (complicated geometry) if printed flat.


ok thx for the feedback.

It’s still on the todo list… didn’t get much asks.


Hello! Is there any progress?



Yes there is. Algoritm is written couple weeks back; I just need to find a good way of inserting it in the slice process in a way that is managable.
We’re rewriting the slice processor to optimize it further for speed and some other new features. So it will be incorporated there as well.

Couple of weeks is my best guess.