Some feedback to make formware perfect (at least for me)


So i work in the jewelry industry ,I currently use magics but I don’t really like it. I am trying out formware and it is the best out of many other softwares I tried so far, especially in manual control and overall how the software feels. But there are some little things that if added it would make this perfect for me. Maybe some of these stuff exists already and I don’t know how to use them , so let me know if that’s the case. But here are my thoughts.

1- I cannot add a straight support with just 2 points , one on the object and the other on the floor without a third in the middle. Also same thing with adding 2 pointed internal supports without having the 3rd in the middle which is especially annoying.

2- I cannot select multiple elements of supports and move them all together.

3- I cannot add a support of 2 points with the first point connected to the object and the second on an existing support.

4- when the angle of supports becomes more than the 30% (or the tolerance of the printer), that element or the curve should turn red for example.

5- there should be a way to know how far away from each other the supports I am adding are, for example you could add a circle around the support points that is added with the specified diameters.

6-there should be a way to highlight down facing edges(creases).

7- there should be a way to delete a point on a support but keeping the support, for example I have a support with 3 points, one on the object, one on the floor and a third in the middle, so if I delete the one in the middle this way it would become just a 2 pointed support, one on the object and the other on the floor.

Again good job with the software. But I hope you take these things into consideration and I’ll definitely buy formware if these exist.

  1. I’m going to add them for you. It’s been asked a couple of times. If not in release 1030 it will be in 1031

  2. True. I will check it if possible.

  3. True. I will check if possible. You can however connect different supports with a connection.

  4. True. I think the angle shading is not applied on the supports as it assumes correct generation. Might be the intersection algoritms move it a little to a flat position. Need to check that.

  5. Cool idea. You mean on the groundplane a live circle.

  6. Already build for V1030. Crease display.

  7. Mm currently it removes the entire branche i think. I will take it into consideration when doing point 1/2.

Many thanks for your quality input.

We have many requests; if in 1-2 months you feel it’s abannoned feel free to give us a shout out again here.



thanks for your reply and your consideration
4- ya but still when manually placing and moving them around can make some supports angle higher than u should. it is important to know for people like me who mostly do supports manually.
5- yes, so when placing supports manually you know how far is it from the existing supports. the circles were the only practical way i could think of.

good luck with the upcoming versions i am really liking this software.


What would be a great improvement (for me), would be an update function to reload a part when I did some change to the part file, like adding something, or changing a wall thickness. I always design my parts in a CAD software, then export to obj. It would be great if there would be a function to tell Formware to look for the file again and reload the changes.
Of course it is necessary that the file stays in the same place, and the filename does not change.
Would be great if you think about that.

Best regards, Chris


Hi Chris,

Sorry slow reply. Yes this is on the list for next update.



Hi Elco

Thanks, that´s great news.
Another topic:

In the new software version, the slicing “work folder” is not saved as standard anymore. (or formware does not remember the former used folder after restart).
Is it possible to get some setting for a standard folder I can use with every machine? For example, in the configuration I have a setting to use a specific folder for each machine I have. I use different export “work” folders for every machine.

Best regards, Chris

What is wrong to the new version